15 Space saving Christmas trees ideas for tiny homes

Rosanna Chio

Christmas is a wonderful time to decorate your homes, but what if you’re tight for space and think you won’t have the luxury to do so? Here are some Christmas trees for small spaces along with other Christmas tree alternatives for your home.

Christmas trees for small spaces and other creative alternatives

1. Tomato Cage Tree

Image credit | ourlittlenestonnewton

A great idea is to construct a tomato cage “tree” on your existing standing lamp like in the picture above. Think of it as using what you already have at home as props to create a space-saving tree. Besides, the lamp is already in the corner. You just need to pile up the presents to hide the stand and prop the tomato cage stand almost towards the top so that the lamp would end up being the “star” for the tree. Twirl on some Christmas vines and fairy lights then decorate with smaller deco pieces to complete the look.

2. Ornamental “tree” frame

Image credit | my_lovely_design

This really reminds us of Crate and Barrel’s ornament tree. But you can actually make your own version of this by using wooden frames if you’re good with your hands. Zigzag the fairy light and make sure they are taut then finish off by hanging on some simple but light deco.

3. Wood and fairy lights

Credit image | niki.paolini

Another great idea for Christmas trees for small spaces is to do a feature wall. Just use regular wood branches and cut them to size or rearrange them like this until they resemble a tree. If you don’t want to have nails on your wall, you can also tie and dangle them from the ceiling. Be sure to decorate with your usual Christmas deco and light it up with fairy lights.

4. Drawn on Christmas tree

Credit image | deborafariasarquitetura

You can definitely attempt this if you have decoration pieces that are feather light and a dark wall. Draw your tree on with removable ink or chalk, then dress the tree with fairy lights and dangle your decoration pieces where you have drawn the branches.

5. Pompom Tree

Credit image | designersatelier

This is a super fun and cute Christmas tree alternative! String pom-poms or even colourful stringed balls are great for this project. And because it is already so colourful you can even skip adding further decorative pieces.

6. Minimalist Christmas tree

Image credit | riamist

Are you thinking super minimalistic decorations with clean lines? Then try this idea instead. Just lines of simple thin wood intertwined with some mistletoe! Add on small pops of light and you’re done. Then just make a “star” with the wood fashioned into an X. X marks the spot for kisses under the mistletoe!

7. Christmas tree cutouts

Image credit | nicola_lynne

Christmas trees don’t always have to be the actual tree itself. It can even be a series of simple cut outs with hidden lights to give it more depth. Simple pastel colours and fuss free What’s not to love?

8. Metal trees

Credit image | karaa7

We hear these metal trees last a lifetime and are pretty pet worthy thanks to its flat heavy base. Hang your Christmas decoration and blinking lights then push it against the wall. Space saving and something your pets wouldn’t eat or topple over, we think this is a great idea!

9. Mini fake trees

Image credit | cloud_interiors

If you’re thinking why should you buy mini fake trees since you won’t be able to decorate much. But you see, you don’t always have to decorate the tree itself. You can dress the tree itself with some small fairy lights of course, but try decorating the surrounding area instead. Try candles, candle holders, mini wreaths, star-shaped and snowflake deco as well as silver or gold string beads. All of these make beautiful additions and can jazz up a very plain table.

10. Family “tree”

Image credit | printiki_com

The festive holidays are all about family and get-togethers so why not create a Christmas tree out of all the different memories. Choose a communal wall that everyone can easily see and have access to − even the kids. Whether you choose to add on a family tree or a series of memories, either way, it would become a great conversation piece and ice breaker for friends and family we have not seen in a long time.

11. Brown paper “tree”

Image credit | deborafariasarquitetura

There’s also zero waste, repurposing and a more eco-friendly option. If you have a lot of brown paper or paper bags lying around, you can try to make this brown paper Christmas tree. Even the deco can be made from brown paper. Layer and play with textures since you wouldn’t be playing with colours!

12. Fairy light “tree”

Image credit | beccarose319

This is a super budget option and all you need are minimal Christmas deco pieces and fairy lights. Align all the lights in a zigzag form until it resembles a tree.  You really can be quite rustic with this as long as you stick close to the shape of the tree.

14. Ladder “tree”

Image credit | designersatelier

Just look at how creative this is! Wood ladders can be repurposed if you still have one of those lying around. Although aluminium step ladders are more common today, you can still apply the same concept and use something similar. For example, a triangular book shelve would work as well. Temporarily remove your books and store them elsewhere then tape the strings of your decoration onto the flat surface. The trick is in the arrangement of your decorations. You can choose to replace the books after you’re done but as long as your shelves are slight more narrow at the top it’ll work.

15. DIY Mini Christmas trees

Image credit | designersatelier

However, if these Christmas trees for small spaces are only applicable at home, you can always DIY your own mini tree. You’ll never guess what these were made from bottle brushes! With a little trim, a quick dye and a simple base and you would have your very own DIY tree to bring to the office or give out as a homemade gift.

Even if space is king in Singapore, don’t let that ruin festivities. Give these ideas a go and try these Christmas trees for small spaces at home. There are simple ways to bring the Christmas cheer into your homes.

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