This 15-Year-Old Chinese Child Star Proved Just How Milk Can Make Children Taller

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As parents, we’ve probably told our kids how drinking milk makes them grow big and strong.

Many of us might have even heard it from our own parents. But does drinking milk actually help you get taller?

Chinese celebrity kid Rong Zi Shan shows how drinking milk does have its height benefits growing up.

Child Star Rong Zi Shan Says He’s 1.83m Tall Because His Mum Made Him Drink A Litre Of Milk Everyday

Rong Zi Shan
Rong Zi Shan

Image source: Weibo / Rong Zi Shan

This 15-year-old star is not only rising in fame but in height as well as he is currently 1.83m tall. How did he get so tall, you might ask?

Well, Rong Zi Shan shares how it’s thanks to his Mama Rao who made him drink a litre of milk every single day.

According to 8days, the towering height of child actor Rong Zi Shan isn’t genetic at all. Both his mum and dad are actually only of “average height”.

Worried that he would also grow up to be really short, his mum sought medical advice from a doctor when he was younger.

He shares how the doctor had already predicted that he would grow up to be around 1.74m tall at most. However, this was not enough for his mother.

To ensure that Rong Zi Shan grows even taller than that, Mama Rao made him drink a litre of fresh milk every day.

The child star also made did the following on a regular to help himself grow taller:

  • Slept 12 hours a day

  • Started playing basketball

  • Stopped eating food and snacks that contained a lot of sugar

As her goal was to have him grow up to be 1.85m tall, their methods seem to be working as Zi Shan now stands at a towering 1.83m at only 15-years-old.

Benefits Of Having Your Child Drink Milk Everyday

Image source: iStock

Adding milk to your child’s diet can help their overall growth and health. Milk is your child’s number one source of calcium which helps in bone development. It’s also filled with important nutrients such as vitamin A and protein.

Here are a few benefits of including milk in your child’s diet that might just have them grow up to be as tall as child star Rong Zi Shan:

  • Keeps them energised, focused and alert throughout the day. This way your child gets to accomplish school activities and focus on their studies.

  • Gives them extra energy for plenty of playtimes. Even after a day of studying, your child will still have high energy levels to play with their friends or at home.

  • Ability to calm down after an active day. While milk can keep your child feel energised the entire day, it can also calm them down and relax once it’s nighttime.

  • It can also soothe them to a good night’s sleep. Thanks to a special protein found in milk, a glass of warm milk before bedtime can improve their sleep quality and next-day alertness.

Lead image source from Weibo / Rong Zi Shan.

With reports from Nalika Unantenne.


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