14 Tricks To Help You Become A Master Mumfluencer And Earn Money Faster

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Forget movie stars and celebrities, this is the time of influencers – somebody who is authentic, relatable, comes with authority, and has the power to sway a massive audience in their favour. No wonder then social media marketing has created an ecosystem that makes this a legitimately reliable profession that can make you many millions.

While lifestyle, travel, gaming, and reviews are commonplace, today one of the fastest growing genre is of parent influencers, specifically mumfluencers. That’s right, mums who share their lives, troubles, tips and tricks on parenting have a dedicated audience willing to listen and grow with each other.

However, influencers don’t have it easy and can only make millions if they have a mix of confidence, knowledge, and know how to market products. The good news is that you can easily learn these skills.

Since most of the influencer’s work revolves around creating quality content through the lens, knowing how to take a good shot can come in handy. And if you are a mumfluencer, you will need to know how to shoot yourself, your baby, and the product you are endorsing.

But if you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. We are sharing influencer-approved tricks to take the best possible shot.

How To Become An Influencer And Make Money: Taking Product Shots

In order to start raking in the moolah, you need to be able to nail the photography game. The more you focus on high quality presentation, the more brands you can onboard and the more money you can make.

Here’s how you can work on your product shots, especially if you are working with a brand where you are presenting your original idea.

1. Determine the concept and theme of the photo

how to become an influencer and make money
how to become an influencer and make money

Photo courtesy: theAsianparent

  • Get to know the character, the distinctive colours and the theme of the brand that is to be photographed.

  • The theme will also affect the location and properties of the photo to be used.

  • For more inspiration for references, you can always check on Pinterest, YouTube and/or Instagram.

2. Prepare equipment

how to become an influencer and make money
how to become an influencer and make money

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

  • You need photo properties to support the result and accentuate the appeal of the shot.

  • Examples of photo properties that can be used are plates, glasses, make up brushes, photo frames, flower and others.

  • Note: Photo properties should not stand out over and above the product itself.

3. Background selection

  • Choose a neutral colour like a white background. This is to ensure that the product doesn’t blend with the background.

  • Background selection is extremely important so that your audience focuses on product. It will also make the editing process easier.

  • But this doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a dark background. If a thematic shot allows a darker background, go ahead and use it. All you need to see is that it conveys your idea.

4. Good lighting

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

It goes without saying that the secret to a good photograph is lighting.

  • Adjust the lighting to see that it is neither too dark nor too bright so that all the details of the products are clearly visible.

  • Play around with the exposure setting on your smartphone or your professional camera to get the right light in your picture.

5. Shooting angle

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

  • Take photos from different angles: eye level, low angle, high angle and more. It is always better to have several options of the same shot.

  • You can also use lights and shadow to add depth to your picture.

  • Getting the right angle is very important, they can even make an ordinary post stand out.

6. Photo editing

  • This is a crucial part where you make colour and lighting corrections.

  • Always avoid over-editing because in some cases, it can change the original colour of the product.

  • Remember, you can enhance the photo by using editing tools, but never rely on them heavily to change the picture.

7. Use technology

  • Take the most out of technology. Use apps that are easily accessible.

  • You can choose from various smartphone software like Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt and Photo Grid.

Now that you know how to take pictures of products, let’s come to the second most important aspect of your job– taking pictures of your little one. As a mumfluencer, you will have to take shots of and with your baby. It not only adds legitimacy but also makes you relatable as a mom influencer– who knows what she’s talking about.

How To Become An Influencer And Make Money: How To Shoot With Children

While children can be one of the toughest subjects to capture in photography, it is not impossible to get a good shot.

A lot depends on their mood, and if they are cranky or unwilling, they can affect outcome of the shot. But kids in a shot are a popular genre and stir emotional strings among parents- who are eventually your target audience.

Here are few things to keep in mind when you are shooting with children.

1.Plan carefully

how to become an influencer and make money
how to become an influencer and make money

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

Define the concept and theme of the picture before you plan to shoot. Get to know the brand and also explain a bit about the shoot and how you plan to do it to your child.

2. Search for the right location

how to become an influencer and make money
how to become an influencer and make money

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

If you are clicking pictures of your child, remember that a playground or even their playroom will do the trick. Children are happiest when in a safe and comfortable space. So when you look for a ‘good location’ ensure that your child doesn’t feel out of place.

3. Dress your child in bright colours

Ideally, you should dress your child in bright-coloured clothes for outdoor shots. This can create a nice contrast against the background. The subject, which in this case is your child, is well highlighted and knowing this trick will speak volumes of your skill as a photographer.

4. Maximise the camera settings

Image courtesy: theAsianparent

You don’t need a professional-grade camera to take stunning shots. Modern cameras also have great settings. You can play around with these settings to get your perfect shot. Whether its brightness, contrast, adding a filter, or a different lens, there is a lot at play here.

5. Lighting is the key

Natural light is the most appropriate choice when it comes to clicking pictures. Try taking photos in the morning, late afternoon or even when it’s cloudy to capture that golden light.

Make sure to avoid the silhouette by not taking pictures against the light. This isn’t flattering unless its an art shot and doesn’t have anything to do with the product.

6. Take candid photos

Candid shots with kids always work wonders as they are anything but patient. Let them enjoy their natural setting, whether playing, or eating or chatting, and take the shot without asking them to pose.

7. Choose the right time

Being a mum, you know your child the best. So always choose the right time so that your little one is in a good mood when they are being photographed. Always keep a few toys or candies handy to entice them so that you can get your perfect shot!

While you are at it, remember to be as real as possible. While effects can surely accentuate the photo, but overdoing it, can sometimes make it look fake.

How To Become An Influencer And Make Money

Other than good photography skills, as an influencer, here are few other things that you can also keep in mind. These are crucial tips that will help you earn well and establish yourself in the market.

  • Be consistent with your content.

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and also know when they are likely to fizzle out.

  • Remember, it is very important to identify your niche and don’t jump into anything just because it is trending.

  • When you start getting popular, you will understand how to become an influencer and make money. Several brands will start approaching you for a collaboration, but you need to choose your association wisely.

  • Don’t share too much personal information or any intimate details about your kids. Be alert and aware of cyber crimes that take place with child photography.

Remember, people who are following you look up to you for inspiration and tips! So, try to be as sensitive and inclusive with your posts as possible. Other than that, enjoy yourself as you create content you love.

If you are already an influencer or want to be one, you can also check out the VIP Parents platform to learn more about ways to enhance your prospects.


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