A 14-year-old Girl Knocked Down By Car In Tampines, Mum Seeks Witnesses

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In an unfortunate addition to the recent hit and run accidents in Singapore, a driver knocked down a young schoolgirl in Tampines and then sped off.

The incident was recorded and uploaded on the Traffics accident.SG Facebook group by a concerned citizen, and has come as a warning to parents.

Recent Hit And Run Accidents: Girl Violently Knocked Down By Car

recent hit and run accidents
recent hit and run accidents

Image source: Facebook / Isabel Beins

According to the post, the incident happened in front of Tampines Mart last Thursday (22 April), around 3.25pm to 3.35pm. The 14-year-old girl was on her way from school and was still in her uniform.

She was about to cross the road at the green lit the pedestrian crossing light. But it was at this moment when a black car driving along Tampines Street 32 tried to jump it. In doing so, the car slammed into the girl and knocked her down on the street.

It’s been reported that the driver rolled down his window to ask the girl if she was okay before speeding off.

The girl then limped her way home where she told her parents about the incident. Upon seeing her visible leg injuries, she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The 14-year-old luckily did not sustain any serious injuries. Although the same cannot be said about her mental health. The accident has visibly left her traumatised.

Woman Seeks Witnesses Of The Incident

The victim’s family and friends are seeking more information to locate the driver. They have reportedly filed a police report. Investigations are still ongoing.

Concerned netizen Isabel Beins, uploaded a post online about the incident to help find the driver. She is also helping to appeal to witnesses.

“We are calling for members of the public who witnessed the accident to please come forward if they have any information in relation to this accident,” writes Ms Beins.

If you do happen to have information about the accident, you can message her through Facebook.

Recent Hit And Run Accidents Have Forced Us To Relook At The Safety Guidelines

recent hit and run accidents
recent hit and run accidents

Image source: iStock

With an upsurge in recent hit and run accidents, it has now become important for parents to be extra vigilant. Young children and especially teenagers who travel alone are a vulnerable group. Which is why you must tech them what they should do, should they unwittingly become victims of a hit and run.

1. As much as possible, stay at the scene of the accident. Teach your family and especially your children to stay the scene and ask for help. It is dangerous to chase after the driver that hit you. You should not risk your life further trying to catch up with them. Instead, use this time to call the police or family and/or ambulance.

2. Take note of as much information as you can get. Snap pictures of the scene where the accident happened and of any injuries if present. It would also be useful if you managed to catch the vehicle’s license plate number.

3. Immediately seek medical assistance if injured from the accident. Make sure to tend to yourself first if you were hurt from the impact. This is especially important if you’re bleeding or hit your head.

Lead image source from Facebook / Isabel Beins.


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