14 Famous Last-Ditch Efforts to Save Almost-Canceled TV Series (Photos)

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Be it poor ratings, a huge cast member exit or a showrunner shakeup, shows can suffer many a crisis that puts them on the rocks with their network. But several series have managed backed away from the cliff thanks to some successful hail mary passes. Heck, some have even been resuscitated after cancellation. Check out the gallery below to see programs that were on the brink of (possible) cancellation for one reason or another, and the last-ditch efforts that were made to save them.

See a sampling below and find TheWrap’s full gallery here.

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The 2018 revival of Roseanne Barr’s hit ’90s sitcom brought John Goodman’s Dan Conner back from the dead and became an insta-hit — until a racist tweet by its star got it canceled just after the season finale. Then ABC ordered a spinoff series called “The Conners” — without Roseanne either on or off camera

“Star Trek”

A story so nice we’ll tell it twice: What became one of the most influential shows of all time was a low-rated cult hit when it originally aired on NBC in the late ’60s. It was almost canceled after its second season, but an intense letter writing campaign by the show’s dedicated fans convinced NBC to give it a third season — after which it was canceled for good.

The show went into syndication in the 1970s where it became a truly monster hit. The show was revived as a film series in 1979, which in turn spawned a sequel television series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1987.


Simply put, one of the most infamous cast shake-ups in sitcom history. Star Valerie Harper, for whom the show was created and named in 1986, was fired after the second season, and her character killed off, over a fight with NBC and the show’s producers over pay. (This would lead to a bitter lawsuit Harper eventually won.) Instead of canceling the hit show, NBC cast Sandy Duncan as a new live-in aunt, retitled the show “Valerie’s Family” — and then changed it to “The Hogan Family” from Season 4 on.

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