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After: A delightful new back garden

Even though the new lawn sweeps stylishly around the garden, the right side of the yard isn’t completed as of yet – there’s still a guinea pig hutch with a guinea pig inside that remains untouched from the old garden layout. 

However, the rest of the garden enjoys a fresh and lush new look that is sure to entice even the most dedicated homebody to spend more time outdoors!

Tired of your garden’s outdated look? Best check out these 17 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your garden.

Credits: homify / Jane Harries Garden Designs

13 errors professional gardeners wish you'd stop making

We're not saying that there's a secret club where professional gardeners go to moan about all the mistakes that we are making, when left to our own devices, but when they are called in to sort out failed landscaping attempts, there are a few piquant issues that they curse about under their breath and we're going to tell you what those are, right now! By all means, design and craft your own dream garden, but take some top tips from the pros and you'll find that you end up with a far more beautiful, luscious and easy to manage space than if you simply try to master everything yourself. So...shall we take a look at gardeners pet peeves, to see which cardinal sins you've committed? Don't worry, we've made our fair share of them too!