12 reasons why your curly hair is a lot more awesome than you think


Like most curly-haired girls, I have spent a major part of my life resenting my curls.

I didn’t actually hate my curls per se, but rather resented the fact that curly hair was more prone to frizz. Plus taming the curls to look sane took too much time and skills.

Stepping out of the shower after washing my hair and expecting the curls to fall into luscious spirals by just air-drying or a tangled-free mane is something that I still cannot achieve.

But I guess that’s a small price because after all, almost everyone seems to be lusting over curls.


Oh frizz, you ruin my curls!

Flash forward to several straighteners and heat-damaged hair later, I finally decided to embrace my hair for what it is.

And though I am always on the lookout for the latest treatments available to tame frizzy curls, I have come to realise that curls are pretty awesome if you treat them right.

So from one curly-haired girl to another, here are 10 reasons why curls are better.

1. Your hair is naturally voluminous


You got 99 problems but flat hair ain’t one!

Curls adds volume to your hair effortlessly, and you never have to worry about it being flat, limp and lifeless like those with straight hair.

Even on days when you straighten your curls, there is always going to be that little amount of volume that will make others go green with envy.

2. You can go for days without washing it


Hair wash by Rubik Hair Salon

Because your hair has a lot of natural volume, no one can tell if you haven’t washed your hair for days. You can have dirty hair and still look good! #blessed

3. You don’t have to brush it


Everyone with a head full of curls knows that you don’t brush your hair.

This saves so much time and is probably one of the rare instances when curly hair is considered low-maintenance.

But when we do have to brush our hair, we make this face:


and end up looking like this:


But at least we don’t have to brush it to look good.

4. You don’t have to spend extra money


Tokio Sinka Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

A lot of women spend a lot of time and money trying to achieve curls that last. But you? You’re just born with it.

You never have to worry which perm will last last longer, or which curling iron to invest in.

5. Your curls look different everyday


Straight hair is just straight, that’s it!

Curls on other hand, have different types, depending on how curly and tight your curls are. It adds to your personality and you never have boring hair days.

As all those with curls know, your mane has a mind of its own and the curls look different each day.

6. Your hair holds styles better


Unlike straight and fine hair, curly hair holds styles better and longer.

Having to spend longer on perfecting the style or worrying how long the look will last is never a major concern of yours.

7. You can straighten your hair to change up your look easily


You probably lost count of the number of times people have exclaimed you look so different with straight hair, but this is a good thing!

Thinking of changing your look without spending a lot? All you have to do is flat-iron your hair and you are done.

8. You don’t have to worry about your hair being too short


Curly haircut by Gene by Ginrich

Hairdresser cut your hair too short?

All you curly-haired ladies just have to slightly relax the curls with a blowdryer or flat iron and your hair is now longer.

Thank goodness for all that extra length hidden in those curls!

9. You are easy to spot


Your curls make you easy to spot from a distance.

And if you ever were to get lost in a crowd, you know it won’t take you long till your friends or family spot you by your curls from miles away.

10. You can wear vintage hairstyles with ease


Curls were popular back in the day. With a little makeup and costume change, you will be all set to throwback to the retro times with ease because you already have the hair to match.

11. You feel like a trendsetter


When Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other celebs flaunt their curly hair, you can’t help but feel #beentheredonethat because you are already rocking your curls on a daily basis.

12. Wearing your hair curly makes you feel badass


All curls are beautiful, and when you embrace your curls with confidence, people can’t help but secretly envy you and just how much you stand out.

If you have curly hair but are not sure of what you can do to make it look good, here are 11 things you can do to your hair to tame those curls.


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