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1. A door that makes a statement

In our first example, the front doors were chosen to stand out from the rest of the façade. This style noticeably draws one's attention to the entrance, also working perfectly for when you want to shift the focus away from the yard or driveway.

Credits: homify / Müllers Büro

​11 things you should know before building a house

Of all the life-changing decisions one has to make, building your house is definitely one of the biggest. And not to scare you or anything, but we do recommend that you put in a hefty dose of research and a careful assessment of what you want and need, in addition to seeing what’s out there, what’s considered trendy, what are the most practical options, what relates to your budget, etc. 

So, before picking up that first brick, take note of these 11 crucial factors to help you get started.