Here are 99 different names for breasts (from bangers to Brad Pitts)

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A list of all the different names for boobsJelena990

It seems like everyone has a preferred name for their breasts - be it boobs, tits or one of the more inventive slang terms, like, umm, 'juggernauts' or 'charlies' (albeit more rare).

Whilst we're all for those who prefer to solely use the correct anatomical term, so as not to soften, diminish or make fun of what they really are with euphemisms and take pride in their bodies, it seems boob nicknames are still here to stay. And to be honest, we're open to that too... because a lot of them are quite funny and life is boring when it's not spent having a bit of a laugh over terms like 'bangers'. Right?

So, in the spirit of choice, here's a definitive ranking of all the different words for breasts (in part thanks to a list shared by the lingerie experts at Curvy Kate):

Let's start with the easy ones:

1. Breasts

2. Boobs

3. Mammory Glands

4. Boobies

5. Tits

6. Titties

7. Ta-tas

Some food-related names:

9. Fiery biscuits (as per The Mighty Boosh, apparently)

9. Melons

10. Baps

11. Coconuts

12. Bangers

13. Cream Pies

14. Iced Gems

15. Bacon Hangers (our little minds can't even)

16. Fried Eggs

17. Cantaloupes

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Delmaine Donson

And then some milky vibes:

18. 'She drank her school milk' (no, we don't understand either?)

19. Milk Monsters

20. Milkers

Random celebrity names:

21. Brad Pitts

22. Danny Devitos

Double acts:

23. The Twins

24. Minnie and Mickey

25. Phil and Lil

26. Mary-Kate and Ashley

27. The Mitchell Brothers

28. Pinky and Perky

29. Ant and Dec (apparently!)

30. Mario and Luigi

All the animals:

31. Puppies

32. Snuggle pups

33. Cat Flaps

34. Wattdogs

35. Udders

36. Spaniel's Ears

37. Mosquito Bites

Cute names:

38. Noogies

39. Babs

40. Lills

41. 'The Girls'

42. Buds

43. Bips

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Pretty much everything else:

44. Norks

45. Chebs

46. Maracas

47. Slammers

48. Tig Ol Bitties

49. Chebblies

50. Wabs

51. Funbags

52. Chesticles

53. Jugs

54. Waps

55. Tatas

56. Bazoombas

57. Breasticles

58. Bazookas

59. Mammeries

60. Bristol Cities

61. Cha-chas

62. Bosoms

63. Jubblies

64. Charlies

65. Juggernauts

66. Peaks

67. Knockers

68. Rack

69. Shelf

70. Dongles

71. Nunga Nungas

72. Wangers

73. Swingers

74. Air-bags

75. Tatty Bo Jangles

76. Honker Honkers

77. Cans

78. Babylons

79. Bubbalas

80. Nipple Holsters

81. Life Savers

82. Buoyancy aids

83. Orbs

84. Bongos

85. Watties

86. Bouncers

87. Wagons

88. Globes

89. Shoulder Boulders (or just 'boulders' works too)

90. Hooters

91. Muchachas

And lastly, we present you... grim names:

92. Mud Flaps

93. Man boobs

94. Fleshy Mounds

95. Upper Bollocks

96. TB's (Top Bollocks)

97. Dirty Pillows

98. Naughty Pillows

99. Two old socks

So, whether you love them or loathe them, hopefully you've been entertained by the likes of tatty bo jangles and bongos either way. Though mud flaps likely made you wince.

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