10 years of Instagram in 10 figures

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Instagram turns 10 on October 6, 2020. The social media platform owned by Facebook since 2012 has changed the way we've shared photos over the years by integrating new tools such as stories and a video platform. Here are 10 figures that illustrate Instagram's achievements since it was created.

4.2 billion: the number of new "likes" tallied each day

1.9 billion: the number of times the #love hashtag is used

1.08 billion: the number of active users on Instagram worldwide

500 million: the number of people who consult Stories each day

239 million: the number of followers for  Cristiano Ronaldo's account. He's the network's number-one star.

100 million: the number of new posts every day

54.8 million: record number of "likes" for a photo on the network ( of an egg

2012: the year Instagram was bought by Facebook

1 billion: the price Facebook paid in dollars for Instagram 

50%: the percentage of Instagram users who follow at least one brand

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