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10 weird (but brilliant) Walmart finds that make life easier — starting at $6

These handy problem solvers include mop slippers (yup), a one-and-done veggie chopper and more.

a vegetable chopper chopping an onion, blue mop slippers and an electric scrub brush, all on a colorful background
These nifty gadgets will solve problems you didn't even know you had. (Walmart)

Walmart might be best known for selling name-brand products at ridiculously low prices, but the mega retailer is also one of our standby sources for fun, ingenious, off-the-beaten-path finds. Check out their website, and you'll find it's filled with weird yet wonderful products. From a gadget that perfectly cooks four eggs at a time to a motorized spinning mop that'll keep your floors spic and span without breaking your back, we've rounded up 10 items that will not only make life so much easier, they'll also make great gifts — because who wouldn’t want slippers that double as dusters, or a device that opens stubborn jars with the touch of a button?

All of these cost less than $30 and begin at just $6, so get ready to fill your cart ... without emptying your wallet.

Who doesn’t love a product that does more than one thing at a time? Just pop one of these multitaskers into your sink’s drain once a month and they will keep your pipes clear. The sticks release a blend of enzymes to break down food and grease to prevent backups, and they are lemon-scented to keep your home smelling fresh.

"I've been using this product for several months and it really does work," raved a user. "I put one stick down each drain (bath, shower and sinks) once a month and it keeps the drains clear and odor-free. Now that they have come out with a lemon-scented product, I will be using that one, especially in the kitchen drain to leave a lemon scent."

$10 at Walmart

This gizmo is here to take the guesswork out of hard-boiled eggs — no "yolk." Just place your eggs into the pod, add the specified amount of water and pop it in the microwave. It can cook four at a time and once they're cooked, shake the cooker to crack the shells and make peeling them a cinch.

This shopper is ga-ga for her Pod: "Wow, it works! I saw the infomercial but waited for the eggamajiggi to come to Walmart. I was a bit skeptical, but it actually works great. ... They are hard-boiled, and the shells come right off. Very cool." 

$19 at Walmart

This summer, you're likely to track tons of sand into your home from the beach, meaning your floors are going to get dirty right quick. If you’re looking to keep up with the mess without breaking your back, grab this motorized scrubber, as it does all the hard work for you. Oh, and it's not just for floors: Thanks to an included set of attachments, it'll also make short work of messes on sinks, bathroom surfaces and countertops. 

"You won't be sorry you added this brush to your shopping cart!" exclaimed a fan. "Purchase this right away if you want to save time and do the task without breaking a sweat. I no longer have to scrape my floor grout on my knees! My tile floors were thoroughly cleaned by this brush. My new best cleaning partner will be this electric brush!"

$19 at Walmart

Spare your floors — and your sanity — with these protectors for chair and table feet. These clever little inventions are basically like slippers for the feet of your couch, chairs and TV stand. They're made of silicone that caps the legs of your furniture with a soft felt pad on its "sole." 

"I can now move my dining chairs all over the house quietly," wrote a reviewer. "The wraps fit perfectly, they just snapped on. They are not too visible but work wonderfully well. I have natural stone floors and it was very noisy and scratched the floors when anyone would move the chairs. No more scratches and silence! Love these."

$12 at Walmart

This handy hack lets you plug in four feet away from a wall outlet. It has a peel-and-stick back so you can put it anywhere that’s convenient for you. The upshot? It can accommodate two AC outlets and two USB plugs at the same time. But of course it has a surge protector built in!

"Just what I needed!" raved this plugged-in fan. "I am able to use a wall outlet that was inconvenient — instead of having an electrician move it, I use the outlet extender. The USB ports are a bonus. Great product. I would definitely buy again."

$18 at Walmart

This multi-use meal prep savior will save you so much time in the kitchen. You can slice, dice, cube and chop with ease thanks to this handy gadget, which comes complete with four different types of blades. Everything is collected in the sealable bin beneath for less mess and more freshness. 

"The Nutri Chopper has saved me so much time and energy in the kitchen," gushed a home chef. "I love to cook for family and friends but sometimes the prep can be too much. Everything came out perfectly, just like the photos on the box. I like that it does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen and has several different chopping options. What a great product."

$19 at Walmart

Are you both lazy and passive-aggressive? These slide over your shoes, or feet, to pick up dirt and dust as you putt around the house. They're made from a durable chenille material that is machine-washable for easy cleanup. 

This foot-mopper exclaimed, "Amazing! Great design, works well, stylish and functional." Another agreed: "I would advise anyone to order this product. Good buy!"

$6 at Walmart

A quick once-over with these will prevent your pet’s fur from getting all over your upholstery — and your guests — before the doorbell rings. Unlike regular brushes, these marvelous mitts uses soft silicone bristles to collect unwanted fur before it ends up on your floors and furniture. They're gentle on matted hair and even provide a gentle massage, so your pets get a relaxing spa treatment out of it.

"These pet-grooming gloves work really great for my cats and my dogs," shared a pet parent. "My cats absolutely love when I get these out. It really gets their motor going and makes it easy to groom areas that can be hard to get with a brush ... I was a little uncertain [of] how well the hair would come off of these mitts, but I was really impressed with how the hair just kind of rolled off in a sheet per se. I really have fun with these, and my kids enjoy using these on the cats."

$6 at Walmart

This "As Seen on TV" electric jar opener will release even the tightest lids with minimal effort. Just attach the device to the jar of your choice, push the button, and voila! It works on all sizes of lids and shoppers say it's super easy to use. 

This is great for people who have a hard time opening jars, whether because of injury or they're just on too darn tight. "This is a great product for a range of many people!" said one. "It works perfectly and it's super easy to use! It's great for people who have a hard time opening things and don't have help around the house. It works on just about every jar I've tried!"

$20 at Walmart
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$20 at Lowe's$20 at Ace Hardware

If you stand in the kitchen doing a lot of cooking and cleaning, you’ll definitely want to snag this anti-fatigue mat that can help minimize back, leg and foot pain. It boasts anti-skid backing to stop it from sliding around and is stain- and fade-resistant. 

This reviewer has three decades of experience with cushioned mats and chose this one. "I have used several different mats through my 30 years of working and this is by far the most comfortable mat I've ever used. I can stand at my counter canning or cooking for hours and my legs and back don't hurt. This is a big relief, as I have five discs in my back that are bad. I couldn't even last long enough to do my dishes before getting these mats. Thank you, thank you! Amazing product!"

$24 at Walmart

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