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Dust is a Culprit

You might sweep or vacuum your house, but often the hard-to-reach areas are overlooked. Dust can be toxic and when left undisturbed, can be quite detrimental to your health. Dust found in homes contains a variety of potentially toxic chemicals, such as phthalates. This common chemical found in vinyl flooring, cleaning products and toys can cause cancer.

10 ways your home is hurting your health

“Home is where your heart is”, but if you don’t look after your home well, it might just kill your heart silently and without remorse. It is an increasingly found fact that your house could gradually gnaw at your health and make you sick.

When it comes to homesickness (and I guarantee you it’s not at all nostalgic), studies have uncovered evidence that your homely environment might in fact be turning against you. And that too without your express knowledge.

So, what are those different ways your home is hurting your health? Let’s take a look.