10 ways that smoking is making you ugly

When the damage is visible, you tend to be more careful about your bad habits. If cigarette could cause a visible bump on your face, you would definitely quit smoking today.

Here are 10 reasons why smoking is the biggest enemy of your looks.

  1. Forever tired: You look forever tired because of the ‘bags’ under your eyes, thanks to smoking. People who smoke are four times more sleep deprived and hence tend to develop eye ‘bags’ at an early age.

  2. Yellow teeth: Nicotine is responsible for the ugly yellow teeth smokers have. If you want your pearly whites to remain white you need to quit smoking. The yellow colour cannot be reversed and so you will have to live them unless you go in for teeth cleaning and whitening procedure.

  3. Wrinkly you: If you smoke all the time, the blood supply that keeps your skin tissue looking healthy and supple gets hampered. Smokers tend to look 1.4 times older than non-smokers.

  4. Yellow fingers and hands: Nicotine not just turns your teeth yellow but it also makes your fingers yellow. Though there are some home remedies to remove the yellow stain, wouldn’t it be great if you just quit?

  5. More bad hair days: Smoking releases certain chemicals which cause damage to the DNA of your hair and this can result in weak and brittle hair. Men who smoke regularly tend lose more hair than those who don’t.

  6. Scarring: The nicotine in the cigarette causes a condition called vasoconstriction, leading to narrowing of the blood vessels. The narrowed blood vessels limit the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your face, slowing down healing process. So, in case you hurt your face and end up having scars, it may take forever to heal.
  7. Smoker’s face: While carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke replaces the oxygen in your skin, nicotine hinders blood flow and this leads to dry, pale and lifeless face, also known as the smoker’s face.
  8. Stretch marks: Nicotine is known to damage fibres and tissues of the skin. It also reduces the elasticity of the skin. Rapid weight gain or loss can cause stretch marks which generally fade into a line. Nicotine stops the skin from self-healing and hence the marks may never go.
  9. More goodies from tooth-fairy: Severe smoking damages your teeth completely. Yellowing teeth are just a beginning; later on your teeth become extremely sensitive and may end up falling off.
  10. The eye factor: Who doesn’t want an amazing vision? The time period of smoking is less important here, the amount of cigarette smoked can increase the possibility of cataracts at an early age.

So now that you all know that smoking causes wrinkles, make scars lasts, leads to loss of hair and teeth, is it not time you kicked the butt?

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