10 taboos to avoid during the 7th month Ghost Festival in Singapore


The seventh month marks the Ghost Month in the Chinese calendar, and as Singaporeans and a multi-racial country, we are accustomed to the ritual of burning offerings. Also referred to as the Hungry Ghost Festival, the Chinese believe during this time, the souls of the dead roam the earth.

According to custom, the ghosts can get up to mischief if ignored, so all sorts of offerings are made during this period. Hence, the Taoists and Buddhists burn hell money and paper offerings, such as cars, watches and jewellery to appease their deceased family members – taking care of their material needs even in the afterlife.

But that’s not all, there are also some things you should and should not do as both good and evil spirits will be roaming around.

Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, it might be wise to take heed to these beauty superstitions passed down by the older generation. Better safe than sorry, right?

1. Don’t wear red clothes


As red is one of the colours known to attract ghosts, we would advise you against wearing Red during this month to avoid getting their attention.

2. Refrain from wearing black or dark nail colours


Traditionally, only the dead have nails that are black. Black nails may lead the spirits to think that you are one of them and may lead you back to hell as well.

If you really love your dark nail colours, consider adding some brighter colours to avoid making it look too dark!

3. Don’t cut your hair at night


Haircut at Flamingo Hair Studio

This custom used to be more applicable in the past when electricity was absent. You can imagine that a haircut can be quite dangerous if done in the dark.

To avoid ghosts from causing any accidents, haircuts are generally discouraged once night falls.

4. Don’t leave your clothes out to dry overnight


They say that ghosts will “try on” the clothes and infiltrate your homes when you bring the clothes in.

5. Don’t keep long hair, especially if it covers your forehead.


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It is believed that a human’s yang energy is focused on the forehead. If you cover your forehead with your hair, your yang will decrease and the probability that you will meet spirits will be higher.

Keep your forehead as bare as possible so the light from your forehead can shine bright and ward off the spirits.

7. Do not take pictures in the evening


Unless you want to see something spooky photobomb your selfies.

8. Avoid getting engaged or married in the 7th month


Other than the fact that 7th month is regarded to be inauspicious, it probably would be quite spooky if “extra guests” turned up for your wedding.

9. Avoid swimming


You may have heard of horror stories when experienced swimmers get their legs “pulled” by an unknown presence underwater… and breaking free only at the last minute!

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, well, we think it is still better to be safe than sorry.

10. And of course, don’t stay out late


Ghosts are at their strongest at night, as the yin energy from the moon increases their power.

Avoid going out late at night as they may just follow you home and “disturb” you while you are out!


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