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1. A garden house reinterpreted

Normally a garden house looks like a little shed that’s used for storing tools and other things, but say goodbye to that concept and greet this stunning little structure that offers up a charming little seating- and dining spot. Best of all? It’s protected from harsh weather conditions, ensuring that an unexpected downpour (or harsh sun) doesn’t run your tea party.

Credits: homify / NuBuiten.nl

​10 seating designs to make your garden more beautiful

From yellow plastic chairs to rattan furniture, one really is spoiled for choice in terms of additional touches to make a garden that much more appealing – and practical, of course. And what better touch to add to a garden than a comfy seating spot so that you (and your guests) can enjoy your outdoor space in style? Today we bring you 10 brilliant ideas to inspire outdoor seating, whether big or small, wood or stone, traditional or modern – there’s something here for everyone!