This $10 Plastic Tap Is The Ridiculous Item Your Breakfast Needs

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Organizing your fridge can often feel like you're playing a game of Tetris. Finding a spot for your orange juice, milk, coffee creamer, and water filter is a struggle, but this cheap gadget from Amazon will change that—and it's only $10.

Some genius made a plastic drink dispenser tap you can use to replace the bottle's given lid, which will inevitably make your life so much easier. The attachment acts as a spout, so you can simply hit the tap and get your beverage dispensed with no spills. If you keep your gallons on a fridge door shelf like I do, this pump attachment would seriously eliminate any need for figuring how to store several bigger bottles of gallon jugs in your fridge.

Just imagine putting this on your milk jug, so you can dispense directly atop your waiting bowl of cereal! Think of how easy it would make preparing a bowl of cereal (yes, that step can always be easier) and how many counter spills it would save.

Is this tiny device necessary? No. Could it give you back a few seconds from reaching in and pulling out your milk jug, as well as save you the embarrassment from that slight bicep strain we all know and hate? Yes. Will it make you feel special and cause you to smile every time you use it? Also yes!

For only $10, you can pick one up for yourself, and it's available via Amazon Prime so you can get it ASAP. In the product description it says the spout can be used with all sorts of beverages including milk, beer, fruit juice, and iced coffee. Be sure to have two AAA batteries on hand so you can use it right away and prepare for your life to change. You'll never have to cry over spilled milk again.

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