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Best Dance Direction

This honour recognised the work of choreographers but was surprisingly discontinued after three years despite the fact that there were plenty more musicals to come in the decades that followed. In 1935, Dave Gould won for his routines in both Broadway Melody of 1936 and Folies Bergere de Paris. Seymour Felix won in 1936 for The Great Ziegfeld and Hermes Pan was the last winner in 1937 for A Damsel in Distress.
Apparently it was decommissioned because the Directors’ Guild of America weren’t happy with the use of “direction” in the name. Surely best Choreography would have been an appropriate replacement?

10 weird Oscars categories that were discontinued

Hanna Flint

The Academy Awards began in 1928 and during its early years there were a few awards that barely lasted to do the mid-20th Century.

These categories were a reflection of the films of the time as Hollywood’s Golden Era transitioned into a technicolor and digital age.

Here are ten Oscars that won’t be going to anybody this year….

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