10-Year-Old Boy With Special Needs Goes Missing At Pasir Ris, Later Found At Khatib MRT

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David, a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome suddenly went missing at Costa Ris HDB estate in Pasir Ris. The incident occurred around 12 noon on Thursday (27 May) when he was out around the area.

Incidentally, he was seen two hours later in the nearby estate of Tampines.

But fearing for his safety, his family immediately lodged a police report and a post about his disappearance was also posted on Facebook to activate onlookers to come forward with information on his whereabouts.

Thankfully, David was found at Khatib MRT and later reunited with his father. But how this unison unfolded is nothing short of a miracle.

Singapore Missing Person: Boy With Special Needs Went Missing

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According to a Facebook post on the Reunite Missing Children page, David went missing around 12pm at the Costa Ris HDB estate in Pasir Ris. He was spotted once again at around 2pm at Our Tampines Hub, and then went missing again.

It was shared in the post that the 10-year-old boy is particularly fond of buses and MRT. The post also suggested that David might have been searching for food.

Fearing his life and safety, his parents reported the incident to the police and even shared contact details on the page in hopes of finding him.

Thankfully, as per Must Share News, David was found and reunited with his father at Khatib MRT.

What To Do When Your Child Goes Missing

singapore missing person
singapore missing person

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One of a parent’s worst nightmares is turning around and finding that your child is missing. Having a loved one go missing can be distressing and especially nerve-wracking if it happens to be your child.

But as a parent, it’s also important that you remain calm and focus on how you can find your child. Here are a few things you can do if ever your child goes missing:

1. Contact the police. You should alert the authorities immediately instead of searching for your child all on your own. It’s best to lodge a report on your missing child.

2. Be ready to share your child’s information. You may be panicked during this time but it’s important that you manage to give out details on your child. Such as their name, age, weight, height, the last thing they were wearing, health issues they might have and the last place you saw them. A picture will also greatly help.

3. Try searching for your child around the place you last saw them. While the police have already been notified, you can continue to search for your child to see if they still haven’t strayed too far away from where they went missing.

4. Inform your other family and friends. Have your other loved ones keep a lookout for your child as well. It would help to share on your social media accounts so that anyone will be able to reach out to you right away if they do find your child.

5. Always be on alert for updates. Keep your phone with you lest someone contacts you about your child’s whereabouts.

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