10 most-liked Instagram posts of all time, from Zendaya x Tom to that egg

most liked instagram posts zendaya tom holland
most liked instagram posts zendaya tom holland

From Billie Eilish’s blonde moment to happy announcements for Cristiano and for Kylie, these are the most-liked Instagram posts that captured our “hearts” — on the app, at least.

Yes, Instagram — the app that, despite our better judgment, we just can’t seem to put down. And with the app that we can’t put down, there’s the celebrities we can’t stop following, and ultimately, the posts we like, and scroll, and like, and scroll, and like some more. It’s a vicious cycle — but one that shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

On the plus side, the photos below, those that have earned more of our “likes” than any others — are mostly things worth celebrating. Happy moments, like pregnancy announcements. Wedding pictures. Dyed hair reveals. Honestly, the only big difference between this group of photos and your friend’s photos are a few professional photographers, and, of course, millions and millions of dollars. There’s also a stock photo of an egg. So, let’s get into it, shall we? We shall.

10 most like Instagram posts of all time

Hero and featured images: Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

1) @world_record_egg’s self-portrait (55.8 million likes)

Many, many moons ago — 2019 — Kylie Jenner and her baby Stormi had the most-liked photo (18 million) on Instagram, which inspired an advertising exec to see if an egg, this egg above, could get more likes. It worked. It’s still working. Egg!

2) and 6) @cristiano and @Messi for Louis Vuitton (32.8 million likes; 25.6 million likes)

The latest entrant to the top liked Instagram posts is a common upload featuring football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing a game of chess, sponsored by fashion giant Louis Vuitton – the posts racked up these likes in under 24 hours!

3) @cristiano and @georginagio’s pregnancy announcement (32.6 million likes)

The most-followed person on Instagram comes in second to the app itself — and he’ll again have to settle for silver and bronze when it comes to the platform’s second most-liked post: the egg still has a solid 23 million on him. But we’re sure CR7 doesn’t mind — this happy post from October 2021 is a celebration alongside Georgina Rodriguez, announcing pregnancy and twins with the football star.

4) @xxxtentacion’s final post (30.1 million likes)


Rapper XXXTentacion, commonly known as “X”, is no longer with us, but he lives on through this, the final post on his Instagram account, simply reading: “LOVE IS WAR.”

5) @arianagrande’s wedding to Dalton Gomez (26.3 million likes)


No stranger to making waves on the ‘Gram, Ariana Grande’s wedding photos with Dalton Gomez in May 2021 racked up the likes quickly. Congrats to the happy couple!

7) @zendaya‘s birthday wish for Tom Holland (25.5 million likes)

When Zendaya took to her Instagram account to wish on-screen and IRL beau, Tom Holland, “the happy birthday” in June this year, Instagram went wild. The couple have been known to break the ‘tall woman-short man’ stereotype and we’re here for it.

8) @kyliejenner’s pregnancy announcement (24.8 million likes)

Before giving birth in February 2022 — another most-liked Instagram front-runner on the way — Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to announce her second pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott. Naturally, the likes followed.

9) @tomholland‘s Spiderverse meme (24.7 million likes)

This was one for the meme hall of fame! As our favourite webbed heroes made their appearance together in the Multiverse for the first time in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Internet couldn’t get enough of the memes, and Tom Holland obliged.

10) @kyliejenner introducing her baby boy (22.9 million likes)

We weren’t surprised when Kylie Jenner’s post featuring daughter Stormi holding the teeny tiny hand of her new-born baby brother, Wolf Webster (for now), got everyone’s attention (and likes).

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