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IT (1990)

Tim Curry’s Pennywise is a horror icon but watching the TV two-parter doesn’t quite instill you with the same fear it did when you were a child. It’s actually quite a funny movie to watch nowadays proving just how versatile a performer Curry is.

10 horror movies that scared you as a kid but not as an adult

Hanna Flint

Halloween is upon us and is a good reminder of all the scary sleepovers you took part in as a child.

Every year, after a solid trek of trick or treatment, you and your friends would come home and watch the horror movies that you were well too young to watch.

They kept you up at night, and for days after, but now as an adult they don’t quite incite as much terror but rather make you chuckle.

So with a little help from social media, and the Yahoo office, we’ve put together our top ten horror films that don’t quite pack the scary punch that they once did in our youth.

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