Top 10 healthy ways to survive the office Christmas party

Top 10 healthy ways to survive the office Christmas party

  • Eat a big lunch during the day, so that you don’t have an empty stomach when you hit the party.
  • Keep a bottle of water on your desk, and drink from it all day so that you don’t hit the party already dehydrated. Aim to drink at least 1.5 liters during the day.
  • A few days beforehand, take regular doses of the herb Milk thistle, which has been shown to assist the liver in dealing with excess alcohol.

  • Steer clear of the punch bowl – even if it claims to be non-alcoholic. Punches are notorious for containing a concoction of booze that surprisingly tastes great but is impossible to gauge how much you have actually drunk.
  • To avoid over-indulging, eat a plate of food and then put it down – rather than standing near the buffet and picking all night long.
  • If it’s finger food, keep your canapé sticks to remind you how many you’ve put away.
  • Only eat what you actually like – not just what you are offered. Eating is not compulsory!

  • Pace yourself. A few festive cocktails to get merry is fine, but if you start to feel drunk and disorderly – just stop!

  • Excessive alcohol, mistletoe and your boss are a dangerous combination and should be strictly avoided.

  • Finally, stay well away from the photocopier – need we say more?
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