10 cookies and snacks you should buy this Chinese New Year 2019


Written by: A. Kritaya

All-time favourite pineapple tarts, shaped like piglets, the trending mala chips, plus a whole lot of other unique snacks and cookies to munch on this festive period.

Paradise Group

1) Paradise Group

To celebrate the Year of the Pig, Paradise Group has rolled out adorable ‘Piggy Pineapple Pastry’ that’s almost too cute to be eaten. The pastry melts in the mouth and the pineapple jam filling is made less sweet but still delicious. Each ‘piggy’ is decorated with chocolate nibs for the eyes and heart-shaped candy for the ears. Available in a box of 18 at $29.80, these are perfect for gifting. Get them at Paradise group’s outlets from now till 4 February.


Thye Moh Chan

2) Thye Moh Chan

This year, 75-year-old stalwart Thye Moh Chan is featuring a new festive creation: Golden Yam Mochi ($12 for a box of four). The pastry filled with mashed yam partnered with black sugar mochi, is deliciously smooth, chewy and rich. Another signature item to try is the Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry ($12 for a box of six) with gula Melaka-infused pineapple filling wrapped in a crumbly, buttery pastry. Thye Moh Chan’s pastry repertoire also includes flavours such as durian ($15), longan pineapple ($13), walnut pineapple ($13), and pineapple and salted egg ($15).  These treats are available exclusively at all Thye Moh Chan stores island-wide, from now until 19 February. 



3) Antoinette

Thinking of adding a unique touch to the festive table this year? Try Antoinette’s 2019’s Hong Bao bread ($10 small; $25 large), which is naturally infused with red dragon fruit, resulting in a blushing pink tinge. Within the fluffy, lightly sweetened bread is mochi or nian gao made with black sugar and perfumed with fried shallots, candied yam and sweet potato. Chef-owner Pang Kok Keong elevates the creation further with fluffy pork floss and salted egg. Another brand new snack to munch on is Antoinette’s highly addictive mala potato chips ($15). Enjoy the numbing, spicy flavours composed of seven different types of chillies including Sichuan lantern and Sichuan bullet head peppers, and Sichuan peppercorn.



4) Bakerzin

This year, Bakerzin unveils its ‘Assorted’ pineapple tarts in three new flavours: Rose, Orange and Chrysanthemum ($22.80 for 18 pieces). Each tin contains 18 buttery pineapple tarts (six pieces per flavour). The brand has also introduced a variety of new cookie flavours, including black sesame, matcha and orange. Don’t forget the well-loved coffee or chocolate cookies, as well as the healthy coconut chia seed cookies. These are priced at $8.80 per bottle.


25grams Bakery

5) 25grams Bakery

This bakery that specialises in bespoke cakes, cupcakes and dessert tables, is offering a few types of vegan and/or gluten-gree cookies. Try their vegan almond cookies that’s egg and dairy-free ($27) and the vegan sea salt choc chip cookies (egg, dairy and gluten-free) with a light and crisp texture ($27). Chocolate lovers will enjoy the vegan and gluten-free double chocolate cookies made with dark chocolate, olive oil and a hint of sea salt ($54). Another interesting flavour to sample is the truffle white chocolate macadamia cookies made with truffle oil ($27). These are available at Takashimaya Square (basement) until 3 February.


6) Baker’s Oven 
If you like something classic, go for Baker’s Oven’s
Nonya Pineapple Tart ($19.80), made with 100 per cent pure pineapple filling and butter. The slightly sweet and tangy jam is wrapped in soft, melt-in-the-mouth pastry. Great for gifts too are the Teddy Chef cookies which come in flavours such as salted egg, cappuccino and richly flavoured Hokkaido butter. Priced from $16.80 to $18.80, these light and crisp cookies are available in round tins adorned with a cute teddy bear. Sold at Takashimaya Square (basement) till 3 Feb.



7) Home’s Favourites 

Established in 1997, Home Favourites has come up with a host of unique cookie flavours for the festive period. Your guests will love the butter cookies such as the new milo dinosaur and cranberry cookies. There are also the best-sellers: espresso butter cookies, and macadamia nuts butter cookies to try.  Fruity inspired creations include the best-selling lychee cookies ($29.80) and unusual jackfruit cookies ($31.80).  Available at Takashimaya basement until 3 February. 



8) Kele

Kele, founded in 1983, is most known for its traditional pineapple tarts, which have been voted “Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore” by local media. That aside, the brand also offers a range of other creations such as the freshly baked Golden Pineapple Balls made with butter and well-balanced tangy-sweet pineapple jam. These bite-sized pastry are sealed in air-tight tins within 24 hours to retain freshness. Look out too for the Jade Pineapple Balls infused with fragrant pandan and coconut, and Golden Cheese Pineapple Balls. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the new purple sweet potato pineapple tarts whose pastry have a pretty purple tinge. Although the website doesn’t take orders anymore, the tarts are available at the Chinatown flaship store and at Takashimaya Square (basement) till 3 Feb.


9) Star Chew 

Made in Singapore, this ultra addictive and crunchy Ma La Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps is coated with real salted egg (not powder) that’s spiked with spicy numbing peppers, tossed with a mixture of fresh ingredients like curry leaves, chilli, butter, milk, sugar and salt. No preservatives are added so you might just have to finish this in one sitting. The brand has also introduced a special Salted Egg ‘Brainless Shrimp Cheek’ – carefully selected shrimp cheeks are deep-fried until crispy and coated with salted egg. These snacks are sold at $9 per pack.


Freshly Baked

10) Freshly Baked by Bijoux 

Pastry chef Audrey Tan insists on using the finest quality ingredients for her Chinese New Year cookies. Think: pure French butter and homemade pineapple jam for her soft and buttery pineapple balls (28 pieces for $31), and real mandarin orange zest for the eggless cranberry orange cookies ($22). The range of cookies offered at this small café at the corner of Killiney Road also includes melting cashew nut cookies ($21) and thin, crispy almond biscotti ($20), perfect for filling up your cookie platter. Order by 30 January and pick up by 3 February.

57 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239520

Tel: 6735 3298


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