10 best Nike Dunks of all time

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best nike dunks of all time nike sb dunk low sneakers streetwear hype paris
best nike dunks of all time nike sb dunk low sneakers streetwear hype paris

Nike never ceases to impress sneakerheads with its silhouettes, solidifying the leading position in the sneaker market with every launch. One of the brand’s most iconic designs is undoubtedly the Nike Dunks, a 1985 offering that became a cult classic in the skateboarding community. The Dunks, which was initially conceived to target college athletes, became the ultimate skate shoe that we know today.

Thanks to the inception of Nike’s SB division in 2002, the sneaker world saw its first Nike SB Dunk Lows. With tweaks to the tongue, laces, insole and outsole, the legendary Dunk became a modern skatewear icon. Nike rolled out customised sneakers for celebrated skaters like Richard Mulder, Danny Supa, and Reese Forbes, in addition to icons like Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh adopting the silhouette over the years.

Two decades later, the Nike Dunks are enjoying a new-found popularity, breaking sales records in both the first- and second-hand marketplace. With so many models and colourways available in the market, it can be tricky to decide where to start. To ease your confusion, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best Nike Dunks of all time to expand your sneaker collection.

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10 of the best Nike Dunks of all time:

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Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Black / White Cement’

Release year: 2002

The first collaboration between Supreme and Nike is also one of the greatest drops in the history of Dunks. Known for its textured elephant print borrowed from the Air Jordan 3, the Supreme Nike SB Dunk Low dropped in 2002 in both white and black colourways. It was the first time ever that ‘cement’ hues were used on a sneaker, and Supreme was the perfect streetwear brand to launch the sneakers in all their glory.

Sold exclusively through Supreme stores, their quantity was limited to 500 pairs each. Both colours are widely popular and if you’re lucky enough, you might find your size on aftermarket sites.

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Nike SB Dunk Low 'Paris'

Release year: 2003

The Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Paris’ is the best colourway in the brand’s ‘White Dunk’ city series released in 2003. French painter Bernard Buffet and Nike collaborated to launch sneakers that boasts of ‘Rope/Special Cardinal’ colours that make them visually appealing. The 200-pair limited edition aptly represents Paris, with the exquisite artwork by Buffet as well as the deep red swoosh accentuating the Dunk in all the right ways.

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Nike SB Dunk Bonsai

Release year: 2004

The 2004 edition of the Nike Dunks was the first one to have its upper composed entirely of hemp. Available in red mahogany, bonsai as well as cascade blue colourways, the Bonsai from the Hemp Pack is known for its breathability and blaze. You’ll find a unique gum sole as well as an outsole that compliments the colour of the swoosh. Out of all the three colourways, the bonsai is the rarest and the most popular, with Nike reportedly producing less than 450 pairs of it.

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4 /10

Staple x Nike SB Dunk Low 'Pigeon'

Release year: 2005

The final edition of Nike’s ‘City Series’ is one of the most iconic Dunks which led to the start of the ‘sneaker culture’ we know today. It was made in collaboration with designer Jeff Staple, reminding people of the pigeon they’d see on the streets of the Big Apple. The much-anticipated sneaker caused a riot in New York upon its 2005 release and several people camped overnight to grab hold of the 150-pair limited edition.

The stunning grey, black and white colourway is complemented by an orange outsole. However, the highlight is the small pigeon motif resting on the heel, embroidered in the exact same colour pattern as the sneaker.

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5 /10

Nike SB ‘Diamond’ Dunk Low

Release year: 2005

One of the most beautiful Nike Dunks of all time, the sneaker draws its colourway from Tiffany & Co. The stunning silhouette will definitely make you want to treasure them in a museum rather than beating them up on your feet.

The Nike SB ‘Diamond’ Dunk Low flaunts crocodile-embossed leather with bright blue soft panels in addition to the chrome silver Swoosh. Not to miss the diamond motif carved on the tongue representing the Diamond Supply Co. logo.

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Nike SB Dunk Low 'London'

Release year: 2004

Yet another design from Nike’s ‘City Series’, the 2004 drop got a full suede makeover instead of a leather one. The London Dunks pay homage to the city with its muted grey tones, reminiscent of Big Smoke’s foggy skies. You’ll also find an embroidered outline of the river Thames on the side heel panel, in addition to the deep blue Nike logo and laces adding the final touch. About 202 pairs of the Londong Dunks were released via the famous sneaker retailer Footpatrol.

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7 /10

Nike SB Dunk Reese Forbes Denim

Release year: 2002

The 2002 launch is one of Nike’s most celebrated drops when it comes to Dunks. The sneakers were born after the brand decided to seek inspiration from a pair of jeans dropped by pro skater Reese Forbes, converting them into a denim pair that appealed to streetwear lovers.

The upper is made of distressed denim material with a matching swoosh and contrasting red outsole and red motifs making a perfect match. The influence of these sneakers is evident in countless new generations of designs including the Nike SB Dunk High of 2017.

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8 /10

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Jedi'

Release year: 2004

The SB Dunks draw inspiration from Jedi Master ‘Yoda’ of Star Wars, giving everyone a glimpse of what wonders a potential Nike X Star Wars collaboration could do. The brown leather upper comes with green stitching, heel tabs, fluorescent green laces and other motifs, all reminiscent of Yoda’s lightsaber. The sneakers perfectly emulate the ragged attire and green skin of the iconic Yoda.

(Image credit: Sotheby’s website)

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9 /10

Nike SB Dunk High FLOM

Release year: 2004

The FLOMs or ‘For Love or Money’ Dunks were released in collaboration with graffiti artist Futura. The unique pattern features multiple denominators of currency, and this limited friends and family release was constricted to just 24 pairs. The brown leather upper perfectly falls in sync with the currency prints, with the white swoosh and laces adding the much-needed contrast.

(Image credit: Nike SB’s website)

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10 /10

Nike SB Dunk Low 'Freddy Krueger'

Release year: N/A

These sneakers will resonate with all Nightmare on Elm Street fans, as they celebrate the film’s heinous villain Freddy Krueger. The blood-spattered detailing on the shoe is combined with the classic striped design of the antagonist’s sweater. The silver swoosh will remind you of Krueger’s hands made of knives.

This piece was an extreme rarity, with its launch being halted due to legal reasons. However, 30 limited pieces still made it to the market via a store in Mexico.

(Image credit: Sotheby’s website)

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