The 10 best airports for food and drinks revealed

Singapore’s airport has over 100 options for dining   (Getty Images)
Singapore’s airport has over 100 options for dining (Getty Images)

The best airports in the world for a pre or post-flight meal have been determined by experts, and Singapore’s Changi Airport has taken the top spot for taste.

According to a survey of over 180 experts from American magazine Food and Wine’s 2024 Global Tastemakers panel of food and travel, the Singaporean aviation hub had the best flavours across over 100 food vendors, including ramen, chilli crab and artisinal baked goods.

Next out the gate, Tokyo-Narita International Airport in Japan was voted second best for local sushi followed by the rich Middle Eastern offerings of Dubai International Airport from Lebanese dishes to a range of luxury eclairs.

The UK’s biggest airport, Heathrow in London, took fourth place with gourmet plates from Gordon Ramsay in Terminal 5 and Istanbul Airport rounded off the top five for its tasty Turkish street food.

Each culinary-centric airport was nominated by the expert panel as part of the 2024 Global Tastemakers Awards that “celebrates the best in culinary travel”.

Amsterdam Schiphol made the top 10 for the quality of its pre-flight pints and Dutch pancakes, while JFK’s classic steakhouse-style dining promised an authentic taste of New York City.

Also in North America, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia, San Francisco International Airport in California and Vancouver International Airport in Canada were praised for their southern flavours, farm-to-table brunches and sustainable seafood respectively.

For the ‘plus one’ category, Munich Airport in Germany was hand-selected by the expert panel for “embracing the Bavarian lifestyle” and having the world’s first airport brewery.

The top 10 airports for food and drinks:

  1. Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

  2. Tokyo-Narita International Airport, Japan

  3. Dubai International Airport, UAE

  4. Heathrow Airport, England

  5. Istanbul Airport, Turkey

  6. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

  7. John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City

  8. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia

  9. San Francisco International Airport, California

  10. Vancouver International Airport, Canada