10 Amazing Shots That Capture The Beauty Of Singapore

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Singapore’s pristine skyline, clean beaches and lush gardens not only make it one of the most beautiful places on earth, it is also a melting pot of cultures and rich history. A trip to the little red dot island is incomplete without walking through its old colonial buildings or checking out its towering skyscrapers.

Not surprisingly then, Singapore has drawn visitors from across the globe, who can’t help but marvel at its many wonders. But they are not the only ones in awe of this island nation. Locals equally enjoy its breathtaking beauty.

So much so that there are hundreds if not thousands of pictures online that reveal its scenic beauty and modern skyline.

So let us take you on a trip around Singapore. Scroll through these images – captured by proud Singaporeans – for a close look at the beauty of the island we call ‘home.’

10 Images That Capture Our Beautiful Singapore

West Coast Park


Image courtesy: Reddit / @DoriKinStarr

This is a breathtaking view of sunrise at West Coast Park that is located at the south-westernmost corner of Queenstown in Singapore. This picture gives us a glimpse into its vast green spaces and the warmth of the community.

Upper Peirce Reservoir

beautiful singapore
beautiful singapore

Image courtesy: Reddit /@danorcs

The Upper Peirce Reservoir –the island’s fourth reservoir– is perhaps one of the few places that’s not as crowded and is quite beautiful too. This place is serene and green and that’s precisely what the user has captured as well.

Buona Vista

Image courtesy: Reddit/@nekomonochan

Here’s a bright and sunny shot of Buona Vista! In fact, the name Buona Vista, which means ‘good view’ in Italian will forever live up to its name for its serene parks and the beautiful natural vistas. Buona Vista is located in the subzones of one-north and Holland Drive in the residential township of Queenstown in Singapore.

Singapore’s Skyline

beautiful singapore
beautiful singapore

Image courtesy: Reddit/@mdmobashir

This might not be what you expect when you think of Singapore’s famous skyline, but it is one of the more realistic versions from the inside. You can see the light haze covering the sunlight, making for a perfect view from the top!

Cable Car Towards Sentosa Island


Image courtesy: Reddit/ @goodboytan

The photographer captured an aerial view of the island from the cable car on his way to Sentosa Island. From the fascinating roads, skyscrapers and the royal skyline, this one frame has everything.

Canberra Road

beautiful singapore
beautiful singapore

Image courtesy: Reddit/@drinkwater247

A breathtaking sunrise view of the island was captured in this photo. The place is located at Canberra Road, near Mear Assyafaah Mosque in Singapore, and surely looks quiet and clean– classic attributes lah!

Tampines Sun Plaza Park

Image courtesy: Reddit/ @George-w-bushido

Philosophically speaking, the lush greenery of the park is seen amplified by the bright rays of the sun. Practically speaking, this is a great place to visit with your kids during the weekend. Charge your lungs with clean air and get set for the week ahead. It is located at Tampines Avenue 9 and 7 in the island.

Waterway View

beautiful singapore
beautiful singapore

Image courtesy: Reddit/@flukaku

The beautiful hues in the sky and the reflection of the dense clouds in the water clearly didn’t miss the eye of the photographer. The gorgeous sunset photo has been captured by the user using his iPhone 11.

One George Street


Image courtesy: Reddit/fotofitSG

The photo was taken at One George Street, which is an office building skyscraper in Raffles Place in Singapore. Right from capturing the other skyscrapers in the vicinity of the photographer’s lenses to the ferries wheel, this image captures beautiful Singapore in this one frame.


beautiful singapore
beautiful singapore

Image courtesy: Reddit/bardzi

A timely shot makes this photo of a lightning strike stand out. The panoramic view of the island and the lightning at the heart of the island was shot in Bishan, a residential town in Singapore’s Central Region.

So there you go, some breathtaking shots of the little red dot that capture its unique charm.

Lead/Feature image courtesy: Reddit


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