March 2013 monthly predictions for all the signs

From love life to health and career, here's how your stars are placed this month. Read on to know yours!

Aries: Despite a host of challenges, Ganesha predicts that your mood will be upbeat, and you will succeed in your endeavors. Among the problems, the rather serious one would be financial. Yet, nothing so serious that you haven't encountered in the past. Plus, if you can curb the tendency to blow up your dough recklessly, you shall manage fine. You would do well to explore new avenues to earn extra cash, though. Overall speaking, the month's first week may not be very favorable for business or job, but you are likely to return from official travel, if any, with positive results. As the month progresses, your spirits too will rise, and you will adopt a more proactive approach to life. Guard against the danger of compromising on sleep to do extra work, or it may affect your health, cautions Ganesha. The resultant mental fatigue may also adversely affect the quality of your work. Try to manage your time well, and ensure doing something to unwind every evening. Love life will  remain smooth.

Taurus: Ganesha foresees a hectic, eventful – even at times, a confusing or befuddling – month ahead for you. You will come up tops in some things, while in some others you may be left feeling that your efforts have not been justly rewarded. Emotionally speaking, the month will be somewhat of a roller-coaster ride; you may want something, but may not be able to express. Moreover, your focus will be on work – profession or business. And, it is important that you concentrate hard, reminds Ganesha, or a slight slip-up – especially while signing on the dotted line – may cost you dearly. Since matters under litigation have been stretching for a bit too long, you would do well to gather up evidence and try to wind up the cases at the earliest. Overall, the first fortnight of the month may be quite lackluster – and monotonous – pressing you to seriously contemplate a change in the nature of your work. But, the phase will pass soon, and by the second week, events will boost your morale. Your personal life too is likely to follow the same pattern.

Gemini: You can expect a fairly smooth ride in your profession or business this month, predicts Ganesha. Your superiors are most likely to appreciate your efficiency, especially because you have performed well under pressure. You can also expect to get a good enough cooperation from your co-workers. You happen to be a glib talker, and this month this skill will come in handy, especially in business when you need to tackle tricky negotiations. However, some of the steps you would take are likely to backfire, but that's alright, as you cannot always be expected to hit the bull's eye. Don't complicate things unnecessarily, and avoid beating around the bush, warns Ganesha. In your personal life, the going may not be very smooth. You may hardly have any time to spend with your family members, and this may leave you feeling jilted. Plus, they may not express their ire, but you must understand that they too have some expectations from you. If you are single, expect some positive developments in your love life.

Cancer: Your hard work in the recent times will happily start fetching you the deserved rewards this month, foresees Ganesha. Your reputation may have spread far and wide, and you are likely to be offered a lucrative job. If something of the sort happens, you would be advised to grab the offer with both the hands. However, make sure you stick to the same nature of work, for if you take up something entirely different, you may not be as successful as you would want to. Also, in trying to be helpful towards others, you may end up taking up their responsibility, which is not such a good idea. Overwork, too much responsibility may adversely affect you health. The best part about you is that you never complain about anything,  and quietly go about performing your duties to the best of you abilities. But, learn that sometimes, it's best to say no or, better still, express your feelings, as they are. Good thing is that this month you may find yourself in situations, where you would be the center of attention, which is not something you hanker after as a rule. This time round, you will be game for it, though!

Leo: The Lions may can expect a mixed bag of the month in March. The first week of the month may not be too favorable for you, and you are likely to feel some lack of confidence in your abilities, foresees Ganesha. Be assured that the things will gradually improve, as the month progresses. You are advised not to go all out in the first week, because things started at this time may not bear the desired fruits. But, after that you will see things picking up pace, your confidence increasing. This will put you in a happy frame of mind, and you will be willing to take up more work and responsibility. However, don't bite off more than you can chew, reminds Ganesha! There would be chances to interact and socialize. Your social circle will grow, as a result of your becoming more gregarious and communicative. On the flip side, the success you experience may go to your head, or, at best, may make you complacent. If you fall into that trap, note that you may become lazy, which in turn can make you overdependent on others. Take care!

Virgo: Your fortunes are likely to sway a bit this month, beginning with a high, then going down and then climbing up again, predicts Ganesha. Early in the month, you are likely to enter into new projects, especially if you are a businessman. The professionals too will perform at their peak around this time. In the second week, however, things will see a distinct drop in momentum, so much so that you may start contemplating some drastic steps to force a change in circumstances. However, it is just a passing phase, and things will again improve by the third week. Taken all in all, the entire results of the month will wind up on the positive side, which is speaking a lot, when time is so confusing. Apart from work, there will be socializing, fun parties with friends and you will mostly remain in high spirits. You are advised not to neglect your personal life, particularly your spouse, though. Also, make sure you don't rub your loved ones the wrong way, in word or deed, warns Ganesha.

Libra: You may look forward to a professionally hectic month, so much so that you will hardly find time to devote to your personal life. There would be times when you will feel utterly fatigued, but then there will be days, where you will be so sprightly that you will surprise your colleagues and loved ones. Yes, you are unlikely to find the time to unwind, and indulge in some hobbies, but you will manage fine, on this account. The most difficult part, however, would be the fact that things may not go as per your expectations. You may want to put a final full stop to a rather tricky project, and an abrupt intervention may force you to reconsider the entire project plan. Well, this may not happen, literally, but hopefully you get the picture. Stay prepared and try to curb mental stress, says Ganesha. Your financial situation will, at best, be average. Try to look out for opportunities to make a fast buck on the side. Later in the month, there is travel on the cards. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, you are bound to enjoy it.

Scorpio: There will be positive developments on your professional front as the month begins. However Ganesha warns you not to get involved in useless activities, such as gossiping at your workplace, because it will only undermine your reputation, besides adversely affecting your productivity. In the second half of the month, you will be back in your elements, your creative talents will come to the fore and your efficiency will be appreciated by your superiors. You may even be rewarded for your efforts. Don't nurture very high expectations, though, or you may be left disappointed, says Ganesha. Financial matters may take up a considerable portion of your time. Issues such as taxes, investments, loans will have to be reviewed, and changes made accordingly. However, the time is not suitable for investing more money in the stock market. As for your personal life, there may be some disturbances in the beginning of the month, but the situation will improve by and by.

Sagittarius: Ganesha predicts that because you are so high-spirited and never shy from taking the initiative, professionally this month will be a cake-walk. Be warned, though, that there are some inimical elements around you, who or which may try to tarnish your reputation. You will, therefore, need to be extra cautious. Be diplomatic in your words and actions, and behave in a positive manner with everyone. Your keen insight into the circumstances surrounding you will help you easily solve tricky issues. Because of this skill, the top management will wish to make you an integral part of crucial company meetings and brainstorming sessions. Despite the fact that you are too busy with work, you will be able to balance both your personal and professional life quite well. On the rare occasion you may feel stifled for space, but you will resolve the matter quite tactfully. Both singles and married couples will see their relationships strengthening.

Capricorn: Ganesha foresees that early in this month, you may realize that you have bitten off more than you can chew. And now you will have so many tasks, both professional and personal, to accomplish within a specified time-frame, which, too, you have set so tight, that the danger of collapsing under the burden is real. Unless, of course, you quickly make amends to your attitude of not relying on anyone else to do your work, and start delegating it to your subordinates. If you don't do it, your health is bound to suffer. And you may have to take a sick leave, which means your work will get delayed anyway. So, the prudent thing would be to start sharing the burden. The positive side is that all the work-load will not affect your personal life too much. Your life in this department shall be rather sorted. Love stars look up too! Towards the end of the month, taking your beloved out for a little vacation would be in order.

Aquarius: This month appears favorable for professionals and job seekers, predicts Ganesha. Both, freshers and experienced people are likely to come across many new job opportunities, but if you happen to be well entrenched in your present job, it would not be advisable to make a switch, even if you feel as if you may have got into a rut. Just try to do things in new ways, be innovative and the boredom will disappear. No big developments are expected if you are a businessman, although in the second fortnight of the month, you may enter into some new contracts. A lot of official travel is on the cards. One of the dangers you are likely to face this month is that you may develop the tendency to procrastinate. The sooner you become aware of it the better, because this can lead to your work piling up with the result that you may start overshooting your deadlines on a regular basis.

Pisces: Professionally, this month you will begin on a low key, mainly because most of your attention will be on your personal life. However, Ganesha says, in the latter half of the month, your career will take priority, and you will start working in right earnest. You will be in complete control of the situation at your workplace and work so hard that you will accomplish things in half the time you normally take. Your superiors will be impressed and will surely recommend suitable rewards. On the flip side, don't expect your personal life to be all hunky dory. There will be trouble, mainly stemming from your own high expectations from your partner, which is bound to lead to disappointments, perhaps even some serious disputes. Ganesha advises you to handle this situation with a lot of maturity, spend more quality time with your spouse, or else you may be headed for splitsville.

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